Nancy Chu



Welcome to New Jersey!  Let's find you a place to hang your hat...(and coat & shoes & pots & pans & everything else you have in your home!)

I heard a really interesting comment the other day - a client said to me, "How do I know if my agent is any good or not when I pay them all the same?"  What a truth!  This is one of the only industries in which the payment in exchange for services is put in place contractually before each of the individuals providing the services is set in place in the transaction.  This means that comsumers - in this case, buyers & sellers MUST make the best choice they can with the information they have at hand, often very little. 

So I guess the question is..."Why me?"  Why would I choose Nancy S. Chu to be my agent?

The answer is pretty simple - if you meet me and you like me, then you should use me.  Oh sure, there are lots of reasons that support the choice:  I am extremely knowledgable about 5 different counties in NJ, including Essex, Morris, Union, Bergen & Hudson, with an increasing knowledge base in Hunderton, MIddlesex & Somerset.  I consistently use social media marketing tools - the future of real estate (although I augment with traditional media conduits while they still have some effectiveness).  I am smart and firm negotiator.  I am accessible when you need me.  I have a strong relationship with my own town communities and am an active citizen of this state.  And I have a really fantasic track record with both selling my listings very quickly and bringing my buyers to the closing table with as little drama as possible.  I am a tough cookie, soccer mom, artsy-fartsy, ex-corporate, tough-love delivering Realtor, and I know the market...but what is more important, I KNOW THE BUYERS and WHAT THEY WANT in a home.  IN YOUR's buyer looks just like me, and I know how to market to me...

Give me a chance to show you what I can do for you...